Faces Art Exhibition | 3rd - 26th June 2016

A&A Art Display presented "Faces", an Art Exhibition featuring the works of Noemi Safir Dolev (Israel), Kerri Blades (Geraldton) and Johanna Morgan Richardson (Perth). The exhibition ran from 3 - 26 June 2016. It was a night filled with anticipation and elegance as friends, family and guests filled the gallery hall of A&A Art Display to witness the opening of Faces Exhibition.


about the artists


Noemi Safir Dolev


Noemi (Nomi) Safir Dolev was born (1971) in Montevideo, Uruguay. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel and holds exhibitions in different countries worldwide. Noemi’s current style is colourful, modern, abstract with a touch of pop art using acrylic paints on canvas.




Kerri Blades


Kerri Blades is a mixed media artist, working predominantly with acrylic paint. Her works often have a collage element to them and little stories or words incorporated within the images. Having trained as a printmaker she includes stencilling and the use of stamps in her work, which contributes to the detail found within the finished product.


Johanna Morgan Richardson


Johanna Morgan Richardson is a West Australian, Visual Artist based in Perth. Her signature pieces are created with expressive use of black ink where she layers lines over one another, building the intensity, then finally combines a splash of acrylic to complete the process.

photo gallery

video gallery

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