Outback Exhibition | 22nd - 31st July 2016

There's nothing quite like the Australian Outback. Often called a sunburnt country, you'll find red hills, fiery sunsets, Aboriginal carvings, and even rustic pubs. The vast open spaces that seem to stretch on for miles reflects Australia’s unique landscape and identity. These picturesque landscapes have been beautifully captured on canvas by some of Australia's most talented artists.


A&A Art Display is proud to bring you "Outback" - An Art Exhibition featuring the exquisite works of Leon Holmes and other great Australian outback artists such as William Boissevain, Pro Hart, Peter Brown, Howard Steer, Terry Cousins and Richard Bogusz. Be enthralled by the stories that each painting tells of the great outback experience.


Personally hear from our main featured artist Leon Holmes on what inspires and motivates him to paint and the distinctive background behind each remarkable piece. Mingle and chat amongst fellow art enthusiasts. Perhaps you'll find one that would nicely fit in your home, office or collection. 

about the main artist

Leon Holmes
Leon Holmes is an award-winning Australian artist, lecturer and ambassador of plein air (open air) painting.
He chooses to work on location as much as possible in order to capture the transient beauty of the light and landscape. His work is dynamic, adventurous, constantly evolving and his unique style captures the essence of the natural light and breathes life into his paintings.

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